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Backup AC secondary power supplies with a DC voltage link for transport and stationary electro-energetic systems

Konyakhin S., Konyakhin V.

The basic irregular topological structures of ATRU with eighteen-pulse rectification are described. Main calculating proportions for considered topologies are derived and each structure's power-to-size ratios and input current THDs are determined.

Keywords: ATRU, irregular nine-phase conversion, eighteen-pulse rectification, topological structures, delta-connection, wye-connection, hexagon-connection, T-connection.

Model based analysis of the basic processes of electric vehicles and automobiles with combined power plant

Stroganov V., Kozlovskiy V., Shakursky M., Zayatrov A.

The article presents the results of the development of a mathematical model of energy conversion processes in the traction drive system of electric vehicles and automobiles with a combined power plant.

Keywords: electromobile, automobile with combined power plant, model based analysis, energy conversion.

Surge in rail track when runoff with his lightning currents

Kosarev A., Kosarev B.

The questions surge in rail connections with the runoff from these lightning currents. The influence of primary parameters of the track on the switching surges. It was found that the influence of the skin effect in the rails and the ground, the impact of capacity levels on the track of storm surge should be considered only in the calculation of the maximum values of these stresses. In this case the maximum values​are increased by an average of 20%. It is shown that in calculating the instantaneous values of voltage rails-to-earth track can be represented as a chain with distributed electrical options type L-g. It is noted that the characteristic of the track as a chain with distributed parameters is the heterogeneity of the length of its primary parameters, due to the presence of branched paths stations. The method of calculating the surge in the branched railway track when runoff with his lightning currents. It is shown that in addition to a significant reduction in the voltage rail station – land in a pulsed mode, its value at the station has a much greater damping than the stretch. The reason is that the inductance of the loop station tracks – a land of increasing the number of paths is reduced significantly less than the contact resistance at the stations. Thus, in the frequency spectrum of the lightning current propagation coefficient station track is substantially higher than the stretch.

Keywords: lightning current, over-voltage pulse, track, wave front, attenuation coefficient, impedance.

Charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in the conditions of the existing power system: problems and solutions

Buzykanov N., Sidorov K.

In the scope of this study, electromobile transport is considered from the standpoint of the electric energy consumer in the charging infrastructure, and an analysis of the load nature on the existing public grid is carried out. The article considers one of the important electric vehicle advantages that is inaccessible in the field of traditional motor vehicles on hydrocarbon fuels – improving energy efficiency and load compensating on limited energy resources through the use of environmentally friendly alternative energy. The article considers renewable energy sources used in the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, describes foreign experience in this field. The energy characteristics of solar and wind electrical installations are studied. The work of electric vehicles charging station using renewable energy sources is calculated.

Keywords: charging infrastructure, electric vehicle, charging station, renewable energy sources, electric load.

Experimental verification of calculation inductance parameters of the filter reactor with a completely closed magnetic flux

Lobyntsev V.

The progressive constructive using at power equipment development for the DC traction power supply system allows energy density per volume to increase in three. Armored rod cylindrical magnetic system the partitioned non-magnetic gaps of with massive steel using elements in design it to provide the high mechanical strength without using pressure bandage. The design was developed at the conditions of low level losses eddy current and hysteresis. The magnetic flux in magnetic core is linearized in workers current range. This characteristic is necessary for the operation conditions a filter reactor in composition of high power rectifications which nourish the rolling stock.

Keywords: inductance, magnetization curve, ammeter-voltmeter method.

Relay protection of neutral inserts of traction networks of the alternating current

Bykadorov A., Zhukov A.

Questions of mathematical modelling of emergency operation of a traction network of an alternating current are considered at interphase short circuit through a neutral insert. Unique characteristics of emergency operation for construction of system of relay protection of a traction network of an alternating current are received.

Keywords: mathematical modelling, a traction network, a neutral insert, short circuit, relay protection.

Probe of operation induction motor on the simplified dual-power supply

Domanov V., Domanov A., Murzakov D.

The proposed control scheme of an induction motor with a wound rotor with a simplified dual power. Graphs of transient processes of the drive in various modes. The analysis of the joint work of the two governance structures was carried out.

Keywords: induction motor, transistorized voltage regulator, PWM, differential selsyn, dual power supply.

The measurement of the quality factor of semiconductor varactor diodes in circuit with automatized of algorithm

Suraikin A., Kokulov S.

The article provides results of design of automatized measure of quality factor of semiconductor varactor diodes. Consider circuit of automatized measure of quality factor, operation algorithm of automatized tester.

Keywords: varactor diode, quality factor, barrier capacitance, automatized measure, algorithm of automatized measure of quality factor.

Analysis of operational defects of key elements of automobiles electrical equipment

Kozlovskiy V., Kireev K., Stroganov V.

In this work we present the results of a study of the reliability of the main elements of the electrical equipment system of modern Russian passenger vehicles during the period of guarantee operation. The main causes of electrical equipment failures are revealed. The calculation of reliability indicators for the main functional units which are the part of the selected elements of electrical equipment is carried out.

Keywords: reliability, automobile, electrical system, electromechanical converter.

Features of operation and diagnostics of diesel generators working on biofuel

Lyuminarskaya E., Selivanov K.

The article discusses the prospects for the development of small scale distributed electricity industry, the ways of preparation. Given the results obtained by the consumption of biodiesel by various generators and the results of their diagnosis on the result of operation on biodiesel. The possible threat of loss of efficiency as a result of needed trandate existing generators to work on biodiesel, also provides the benefits of using biodiesel.

Keywords: biodiesel, small distributed electric power engineering, working capacity.