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Promising magneto generator for the power supply system of the aircraft with a high constant voltage of 270 V

Ismagilov F., Vavilov V., Tarasov N.

The paper presents the current system of power generation of the aircraft. The concept of advanced systems of power generation for aircraft with high reliability and minimal size / weight parameters. Developed and tested magnetoelectric intelligent generator for advanced systems of power generation.

Keywords: system of power generation aircraft, intellectual generator.

Autotransformer rectifier units in aircraft electric power supply systems. Topological Uniform structures

Konyakhin S., Konyakhin V.

The basic uniform topological structures of ATRU with eighteen-pulse rectification are described. Main calculating proportions for considered topologies are derived and each structure's power-to-size ratiosand input current THDs are determined.

Keywords: ATRU, uniform nine-phase conversion, eighteen-pulse rectification, topological structures, delta-connection, wye-connection, hexagon-connection, T-connection.

Imitation model for estimation of recuperation braking efficiency in city electric transport conditions

Spiridonov E., Basargina G.

In the paper the results of research of imitation model of trolleybus operating in recuperation braking mode are shown. Influence of several factors on the efficiency of recuperation braking such as traction substation voltage, remoteness of recuperated train from traction train, recuperation voltage controller settings is estimated. It is shown that in case of limited traction energy consumption the main influence on recuperation braking efficiency have settings of recuperation voltage controller. The use of relay voltage controller with voltage settings 720 and 700 V is proved.

Keywords: recuperation braking, trolleybus, imitation modeling, recuperation efficiency, follow-up recuperative-resistance braking.

Method of braking and reverse of the multi-engine rowing electrical unit with three rowing screws

Gelver F.

The interpolation of the reverse mechanical characteristic of the rowing screw received with use of a canonical polynomial is given in article. The structure of the rowing electrical unit of an alternating current allowing to realize braking and a reverse of the vessel without use of brake resistors and allowing to increase energetic efficiency and to improve mass-dimensional characteristics of the rowing electrical unit is offered. Possible methods of braking and a reverse of the multi-engine rowing electrical unit with three rowing screws are considered. The mathematical description of the modes of braking and a reverse of the rowing electrical unit with three rowing screws is provided. Control algorithms by the rowing electrical unit with three rowing screws in the modes of braking and a reverse are synthesized. Time diagrams of change of the moment and rotating speed on each of rowing screws for the offered algorithms are provided.

Keywords: rowing electrical unit, rowing electromotor (GED), braking, reverse, stationary process, interpolation, canonical polynomial, Vandermond's matrix, time constant, electromagnetic moment, mechanical characteristic, reverse characteristic.

Characteristics of the contactless torque DC motors with symmetric and asymmetrical windings

Gridin V.

Considered four options for contactless torque DC motors (plug) bipolar circuit-switched anchor winding (NW) rotor position: with the usual three-section symmetric and asymmetric four nuclear weapons, with conventional composite inductor and two cylindrical inductors permanent magnets. The number of radial poles of the two coils differ in two times. Yao is designed as a conventional reel with a composite or as a toroidal inductor with two inductors. For various inductor and for two inductors is expressed the distribution of magnetic induction along the circumference of the air gap, the optimal ratio between the parameters of the two inductors. The expressions for the relative electromagnetic torque and ripple in this moment. It is established that specific moments in BL motors with three-section and four-section Yao is about the same. The pulsation of the electromagnetic torque have BL motors with integral inductor and single-ended four-section Yao does not exceed 2%, and the plug with two cylindrical inductors and symmetric three-Yao does not exceed 1%, which is significantly less than the known torque plug (3,5–4%).

Keywords: symmetric and asymmetric three-section four-section coil, compound coil and two cylindrical inductor, electromagnetic torque, ripple torque.

Electrophysical parameters of GaAs-diodes p-i-n-structures

Suraikin A., Sumenkov A.

The article provides results of research dynamic characteristics new type semicon-ductor devices – high-speed, high-voltage, mesaepitaxial GaAs-diodes for a consumer application in rectifier technique and pulse equipments. Provides reverse recovery time features and values of electrophysical parameters.

Keywords: gallium arsenide, p-i-n-diode, mesaepitaxial structure, reverse recovery time, lifetime of minority carriers.

Sensors of onboard devices of registration

Popov Y., Fomin A.

In article, sensors that are used for registration of parameters of flight by onboard devices of registration are considered. Quality of registration of parameters of flight are defined by characteristics of sensors. Factors that influence process of measurement of parameters of flight are considered. The main metrological characteristics of sensors that are used for measurement of parameters of flight are defined.

Keywords: sensors, onboard device of registration, metrological characteristics, factors.

The reliability of the vehicle's electrical Lada Kalina during the warranty period of operation

Denisov I., Smirnov A.

The article contains the results of the study vehicle speed sensor operational reliability of Lada Kalina. Mean time to failure of the analyzed items amounted to 18,8 thousand km. Testing according to the criteria of Pearson and Romanovsky confirmed the hypothesis of the random variable belonging to a Weibull law. More than 50% failed sensors have an operating time of up to 15 thousand km, which indicates a high level of defective products.

Keywords: speed sensor, reliability, Lada Kalina, the warranty period.

Рroblems of electromagnetic safety in modern electric power rail system

Apollonskiy S., Gorskiy A., Nikitin V.

The article deals with the problem of electromagnetic hazard-free (EMB) in modern electric power train system (EPTS). Earlier authors of the published literature only are limited, were problems of electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) on an electrified rail. However, due to significant complication EPTS due to the use of electronic security subsystems, computer control and management there is a need in the broader interpretation of the electromagnetic influences on elements EPTS.

Keywords: EMC of technical means, EMB of technical means, electromagnetic field, electromagnetic human safety, electromagnetic environment, EMC problems in the electrified railway.