"TEF SPE" Ltd.

"Scientific Production Enterprise “Tomilino Electronic Factory” Limited ("TEF SPE" Ltd) is as an independent enterprise in a group of companies specializing in the production of automotive electronics of a wide range.
TEF SPE Ltd is approaching the 15-year anniversary of its new history and is currently one of the leading dynamically developing companies in the industry specializing in developing and manufacturing of a wide range of rectifier diodes, small-sized high-voltage rectifier piles, integrated circuits, metal ceramic packages and modules.

Factory’s output products for their technical characteristics for the most part do not have analogues in the Russian Federation and are not inferior to the foreign manufacturers. The enterprise is an establisher of the scientific and technical magazine “Electronics and electrical equipment of transport”, which is included in the State Commission for academic Degrees and Titles list.


День машиностроителя
25 September 2017

Machine Builders Day

         On the 25th of September 2017 a ceremonial meeting , devoted to a professional holiday, Machine Builders Day, took place at the factory’s meeting room. The program of the meeting...
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