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The summary and keywords

SOH estimation of EV and HEV lithium-ion battery applications

Skripko L.

This paper reports some results relating to a new method of state-of-health (SOH) estimation for battery-based systems of electro- and hybrid vehicles. Some main challenges were addressed for the accurate estimation of SOH at runtime. Relevance of the problem raised is the need to control the SOH of batteries in order to prevent the experiment results show the feasibility and effectiveness of the algorithm for LFP 20Ah cells.

Keywords: Algorithmic, Kalman Filter, lithium battery, calculation, state-of-health, EV, HEV.

Model identification for voltage regulator of diesel locomotive starter generator

Shapran F., Sergeev B.

This paper proposes a model of voltage regulator of starter-generator of diesel locomotive taking electrical assemblies into account which let us analyze the working modes of voltage regulator with diesel locomotive equipment. Failure modes of voltage regulator elements were revealed and design decisions of reliability and electromagnetic compatibility enhancement were defined by the model.

Keywords: power converter, step-down converter, voltage regulator, starter-generator, electromagnetic compatibility.

Selection and optimization of design parameters for reversible reciprocating electric machine

Safin A., Ivshin I., Kopylov A., Gracheva E., Tsvetkov A.

The article presents the technique of design parameters choice and substantiation for a reversible electric machine with reciprocating motion in the engine and generator mode. The aim of the study is to calculate the rational parameters of an electric machine to ensure maximum energy efficiency taking into account the given conditions. The concept of parallel simulation (Co-Simulation) is proposed. The concept is based on the data exchange between the programs MATLAB Simulink, CATIA V5 and a special program. The concept makes it possible to exchange the data between the marked programs to improve the efficiency, accuracy, simulation and optimization of the parts structural dimensions. These values are placed in a 3D model of a linear electric machine in CAD CATIA V5 for later kinematic and strength calculation. The modeling data in the software package MATLAB Simulink based on the programs written in MATLAB are transferred to the project table Excel, which is synchronized with the CAD CATIA V5. CATIA V5 develops 3D models of an electric machine stator and translator. The developed method allows to determine the rational parameters of an electrical machine during a design stage, followed by an adjustment during the manufacture of an experimental sample.

Keywords: reciprocating electric machine, simulation, three-dimensional modeling, optimization, energy efficiency.

Сalculationof short-circuit current in alternating current traction catenary accounting for external electric power supply system

German L., Subhanverdiev K.

It is emphasized in the study that, under assumptions adopted in the industry standard for calculation of short-circuit currents, determination of resistance of external power supply system based on the short-circuit current power on substation entry terminals allows for a considerable systematic error. To determine this systematic error, short-circuit current calculations were performed for two power supply layouts of VL-110kV and VL-220kV HV lines, one employing the common assumption and the other based on actual external power supply circuits. Comparative analysis of results produced under the two approaches yielded the error values across the short-circuit power range on the 110/220 kV traction substation busbars. Experimental verification was carried out to confirm the short-circuit current calculation error in the traction catenary.

Keywords: external electric power supply system, traction network, calculation error, short-circuit currents, traction substation, alternating current.

Еlectronic control of distributed the transport processes by using multi-server processing systems

Bolnokin V., Nguyen Dinh Chung, Feofanov S.

In the article questions the connection of telematics electronic data acquisition systems and mathematical models to calculate the characteristics of a multi-request processing system of program management.

Keywords: on-board electrical system, data acquisition, telematics, query processing systems, dataflow management, mathematical models.

Synthesis and analysis of valve engine speed calculator

Domanov V., Domanov А., Altaher Abbas A. Karim

Considered the operation of the circuit for calculating a signal speed of the engine valve on the basis of the rotor position sensor signals. Analyzes the errors associated with the operation of the calculator circuit. Determines the possibility of reducing errors caused by various factors.

Keywords: valve motor, rotor position sensor, speed signal calculator, fault.

Аutomotive multi-position sensor

Nefed'ev A., Sharonov G.

The analysis of circuit design multiple of automotive position sensors was performed. The multiple position sensors for cars with high precision and high reliability was developed. The design and performance of automotive multiple position sensor was presented.

Keywords: position sensor, microprocessor control system, primary parametric transducer, secondary transducer.

Analysis of approaches and simulation modeling in the development and implementation of an electrical monitoring system of the unmanned vehicle power supply complex

Kozlovskiy V., Novikova A.

The work presents the results of an analysis of the main methods and techniques of the organization of operability monitoring system of an electrical supply complex of an autonomous transport facility by the criterion of tire insulation resistance.

Keywords: automobile, electro mobile, automobile with combined power plant, electric facility, power supply, operability diagnostics.

Robust design and multivariate testing of electrotechnical products transport to ensure their quality

Lisenkov A.

The characteristic of modern approaches to designing and testing electrical products to ensure their quality, using the developed methods and plans of multifactorial experiment to study how the major and accounting destabilizing factors, conditions of use, including order effects of factors. Considered possible approaches to model the task of designing and testing electrical products for rail transportation.

Keywords: robust design, testing of electrotechnical products transport, plans of multifactorial experiment, the experience of using.