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The summary and keywords


Advanced automobiles electric equipment development trends and power supply monitoring system development update

Kozlovskiy V., Novikova A., Blinov N.

In work represents results of design and technology development of automobile electric equipment for last ten years, with actualization of onboard monitoring system performance update and electric equipment multifunction diagnostic.

Keywords: automobile, electric car, automobile with a combined powerplant, electric equipment, electric power supply, performance diagnostics.

Еstimation of an error of calculation of short-circuit currents in ac tractive circuit

German L., Kishkurno K., Subhanverdiev K.

The reason of appearance of a methodical error of calculation of short-circuit currents in zone between substations in AC tractive circuit in a case of equivalenting of an external electric systems with the help of input resistance at tractive substation input 110 (220) kV is shown. Estimation of an error of calculation of short-circuit currents in AC tractive circuit in various circuits of tractive networks is carried out. It is determined that with increasing capacity of a short circuit at tractive substation input 110 (220) kV a stated error is reduced. Possible ways of lowering of a stated methodical error are shown.

Keywords: external electric systems, traction power system, calculation error, short-circuit currents, own and mutual resistances, traction substation.

Stability of the frequency converter output voltage for the system of train centralized power supply

Inkov Y., Sachkova E.

The article analyzes the stability of the parameters of the output voltage of the thyristor direct frequency converter for the systems of centralized power supply for passenger trains from the autonomous locomotives. Due to the fact that the level and frequency of voltage of the synchronous generator in the autonomous locomotive and the load phase of the electricity carriage consumers are random variables the analysis of the stability of the output voltage of the converter is performed with the use of theoretical and probabilistic methods.

Keywords: train power supply, direct frequency converter, voltage frequency, voltage value, probability theory, variance, generator, car electricity consumers, a semiconductor valve, locomotive.

Тhe issue of implemenation movement simulation models to investigate the effectiveness of regenerative braking in the underground railways

Veselov P.

The article discusses implementation of electric trains movement simulation for the effectiveness of regenerative braking in underground railways evaluation, including evaluating the possibility of exchange between consecutive trains, and energy saving schedules.

Keywords: regenerative brake, underground railways, train motion modeling, modeling train movements.

Perspectives of Multi-phase AC machines

Tereshkin V., Grishin D., Makulov I.

It found that at equal values of the phase currents and three-phase AC machines, the number of turns in the five-phase machine phase should be less than 5/3 times. Under these conditions, three- and five-phase winding, creating equal-magnetizing force for the same amount of copper. Inductance switched phase five-phase machine is reduced, which simplifies the switching keys. Reducing the number of turns in the five-phase winding phase also leads to weakening of the armature reaction. Five-phase control range is increased in comparison with the machines of three-phase machine. The results of experimental studies, confirming theoretical studies.

Keywords: three-phase synchronous machine, single-phase inverter, switching power switches, anchor reaction control speed range.

Mathematical description and modeling of the vibration-isolating device with neodymium compensator stiffness

Gurova E., Makarov S., Degtyarenko A., Panchenko Y.

In this article gives a mathematical description of the block diagram of the vibration-isolating device with a compensator stiffness. The vibration isolator system simulation performed with different functional elements, during which operation waveforms obtained with neodymium antivibration device compensator stiffness.

Keywords: modeling, neodymium magnet, vibration protection, stiffness compensator adjustment system.

Improving the system of traction control electric drive hybrid shunting locomotives

Fedyaeva G., Tarasov A., Konokhov D., In’kov Y.

A functional diagram of the system of burst control asynchronous traction motors of hybrid shunting-export locomotive TEM9N modified subject to regulation slip wheel of the maximum tractive and braking efforts. Explained the principles of integrated electromechanical model of four-axle electric locomotive and the simulation results of the acceleration of the locomotive under various conditions of coupling. Proposed the control system seamlessly displays of electric traction to the limit grip during acceleration and with high speed and accuracy, ensures the implementation of the limit forces at the joint regulation of asynchronous motors truck.

Keywords: electric traction, induction motors, discontinuous control, hybrid locomotive, utmost efforts.

Inductive wheel sensor. Challenges and vistas of use

Lyanoi V.

Inductive wheel sensors are widely used in the railway signalling to ensure the railway traffic safety. Implementation of such sensors on the main lines is impeded by the challenges of unstable operation in the actual operating conditions. The reasons why the wheel sensors operate unstable are considered in this article. The author proposes a solution for improving reliability of the sensor operation in the whole range of the rail and wheel wear stipulated by the normative documents and expanding its functionality.

Keywords: railway transport, signalling system, axle counting system, inductive wheel sensor, traffic safety, to improve reliability, to expand functionality.