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Development of DC traction power supply system by increasing the voltage in the traction network up to 24 kV, and its adaptation for high-speed lines

Bader M.

The ways of development and improvement of DC traction power supply system by increasing the voltage in the traction network up to 24 kV, and its adaptation for high-speed lines are examined. Mathematical model of the dynamic electromagnetic processes in electrical circuits with semiconductor converters is proved. The features of the electromagnetic processes in semiconductor converters are examined. Substantiation of electromagnetic compatibility of traction system DC power supply with increased voltage 24 kV in the traction network with the environment, infrastructure, communication links and chains of railway automation is showed.

Keywords: traction power DC supply system with increased voltage 24 kV in the traction network and adapting it to high-speed lines, electromagnetic compatibility, electromagnetic processes in electrical circuits with semiconductor converters.

Determination of voltage source inverter semiconductor devices temperature in steady state

Kosmodamianskiy A., Strekalov N., Pugachev A.

The topologies of voltage source inverters implicated now and prospective for needs of traction frequency converters are considered. The two-level and three-level with clamped diodes voltage source inverters are shown to be an optimal choice due to a row of reasons. The equations for numerical and analytical approaches of power losses evaluation are analyzed. The power losses evaluation of the chosen two- and three-level inverters is carried out. The thermal equivalent circuits of the single semiconductor device and power module on its base for the two inverter topologies are presented. The temperatures of transistors and diodes in the steady state are determined. The boundary values of the switching frequency delivering equality of the maximum temperatures of two- and three-level inverters are extracted.

Keywords: voltage source inverter, thermal behavior, thermal equivalent circuit, power losses, switching frequency, modulation.

Application of genetic algorithms for underground electric trains scheduling problems

Sidorenko V., Zhuo Ming Aung

This paper analyzes the different approaches to the technical maintenance of electric subway trains based on the safety of complex transport systems. The results were obtained from using the genetic algorithm.

Keywords: electric trains, technical maintenance, genetic algorithm.

Evaluation of accuracy and noise immunity tract analog-to-digital conversion in systems of automatic control

Baranov L., Yatskova T.

A technique was developed to calculate estimates of errors and noise immunity analog-to-digital transformation of random signals when exposed to additive noise. Reviewed digital and analog methods of averaging signal and noise on the step of the time discretization with the aim to improve noise immunity. The obtained expression estimates of errors and noise immunity analog-to-digital conversion for a wide class of random processes.

Keywords: аnalog-to-digital conversion, autocorrelation function, additive inter-ference, the error dispersion, the ratio of interference power to signal power, pulse system, quantization level, the temporal discretization.

Situation with auxiliary motors on russian alternating current electric locomotives

Malyutin A.

The article describes existing circuits of auxiliary machines power on AC electric locomotives. It is done the analysis of operation of AC electric locomotives. It is shown the basics reasons of high number of locomotives failures due to auxiliary equipment breakdowns and solutions of existing problems.

Keywords: еlectric locomotive, auxiliary machines, asynchronous motor, reliabil-ity (RAMS), alternative current (AC).

Analytical aspects of the ability to equalize the voltage on the busbars of traction substations DC

Grechishnikov V., Shalamai I., Kurov N., Vlasov S.

Mode voltage in the traction network is very important due to the fact that it can cause unwanted power flow which leads to power losses in electric traction network. The ideal is an equality of voltage on buses of substations in case of any changes of parameters of traction power supply system. The application of the matrix method of calculation of electric circuits gave a theoretical background on formation control algorithms for voltage at the busbars of traction substations to balance it around the section of electric Railways, DC.

Keywords: voltage of rectifier substation, voltage grading, matrix method, control algorithm, minimization of matrix functions.

А mathematical model of the pedestrians client groups interaction inside the transport hub

Iskakov T., Sidorenko V.

The article considers mathematical model of different client groups interaction between themselves and with maintenance inside transport hub. Block diagram of the system model services is presented.

Keywords: simulation modeling, pedestrian flows, management science, service.

Automatic control system of train speed using reference train model

Kiselev M., Pudovikov O.

The use of automatic control systems (ACS) of train is based on the continuing increasing weight and speed of trains, and also high safety requirements for railway transport. To ensure good control quality are used different approaches to the creation of ACS. One approach is a use of a reference train model inside the ACS in order to find a proper strategy for the control of rolling stock and providing of required quality indicators.

Keywords: automatic control system of locomotive speed, quality control, longitudinal fluctuations in the train, distributed traction, heavy freight train, reference train model, stability margin, stability.

The intelligent protection system of the important sections of high-speed rail lines

Kim K., Tkachuk A., Tarazanov I., Chukarin V., Vasikovskaya N.

We consider a new intelligent system to prevent, deter and protect the important segments of high-speed railways AC and DC from the unauthorized penetration of people and animals to the railway bed. The novelty of the design is to use the linear electrical fences equipped with automatic entrance gates with Tesla generators. The entrance gates provide the control of the migration of the wild animals through the railway bed.

Keywords: the section of high-speed railways, intelligent protection of important sections, gate, Tesla generator, green technologies.

Energy characteristics optimization of the traction rolling stock auxiliary units electric drive

In’kov Y., Pugachev A.

The main peculiarities of the traction rolling stock auxiliary units electric drives are highlighted. The relevance of electric drives with scalar control system providing the minimum of the stator current of induction motor is shown. The scalar control system delivering the search control of the stator current of induction motor in the steady state is designed. The search control is implicated by small-magnitude triangular additional voltage injection that increases or decreases the stator voltage. The designed system is shown to could be implemented by technical capacity of the standard industrial frequency converter. The simulation results obtained by MATLAB for the electric drive with 11 kW induction motor are presented.

Keywords: induction motor, stator current, energy saving, scalar control system, search control system, MATLAB.