№ 4-2016
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The summary and keywords

Automobile Corporation «KAMAZ»

Sarbayev V., Borodulin V., Bugrimov V.

The results of the corporation «KAMAZ» for the 40 years of its operation on truck production market. Considered the corporation, technological links, chains of production «KAMAZ» vehicles of the technological cycle. The analysis of the main tasks to improve the consumer properties of manufactured motor vehicles. The main directions of the international activities of corporations in the field of production and sales of products. Results of the strategic guidelines of the company in the near future.

Keywords: cars transport, automobile production, truck market, technological links, the structure of the company.

Development of onboard devices of registrars for aircraft. Part 1

Popov Y.

In the first part of article, results of creation of parametrical onboard registrars for aircraft are considered. Systems of processing of parametrical registrars are resulted. The actual problem of research of parametrical registrars – their definition of their syntactics informative. Syntactics information level of the registrar is characterised by carrier type, way of representation of the information, speed of transfer and processing and the size of a code of representation of the information.

Keywords: parametrical onboard registrars, aircraft, information processing, information decoding.

The increase in power dc-dc converters using a multi-phase structure

Jutt V., Sidorov K., Gulyamov K.

In this article demonstrated by possible options for increasing the power switching converters DC bi-directional type. Recommendations given to improve the efficiency and reliability of converters using a multiphase transformation structure for application in systems the conversion of electrical energy and electric drives of medium and high power.

Keywords: voltage converter, electric drives, multi-phase converter, dc-dc converters.

Modelling of traction power supply systems with coaxial cables and sucking transformers

Zakaryukin V., Kryukov A., Nguyen Ty

Questions of traction power supply system’s creation with use of sucking transformers and coaxial cables are considered. Imitating modeling results of such systems at train moving are given. It is shown that the offered systems possess a number of positive properties in comparison with a traditional traction network. Combined use of sucking transformers and cables provides decrease in electromagnetic influence on adjacent lines and stabilization of voltage in traction network.

Keywords: traction power supply system, sucking transformers, coaxial cables.

The test method of measurement of insulating resistance of vehicles

Vysotsky V., Kozlovskiy V., Novikova A.

In assignment presents the method of testing and estimation of the insulating resistance of twin wire direct current of vehicles.

Keywords: insulation control, dividing circuit method, mathematic simulation.

Transverse capacitive compensation's installation of reactive power with two levels of power to the railway's traction networks

Serebryakov A., German L., Yakunin D., Maksimova A., Maralova V.

The article considers circuit solutions for installations of reactive power compensation in traction AC network of 25 kV. Rationales for the use of installations of compensation of discrete-step power control. In detail the sequence of switching steps. Presents the developed algorithm of calculation of transients for sequential switching of the installation of the transverse capacitive compensation in a given mode. The results of modeling of processes switching processes of the switching sections of capacitor Bank. Assessed feasibility of the proposed two-stage compensation system is in the mode of power control.

Keywords: reactive power compensation, installation of series compensation, transients, capacitor Bank, a stepped power control.

Еxtending the life of power transformers in the reconstruction of traction substations ac railways

Voprikov A.

The paper presents a mathematical model of the wear of winding insulation of power transformers traction substations AC railways, which takes into account the uneven wear of winding insulation for transformer phases. Extending the life of transformers is made decrease the intensity of wear of winding insulation with the most wear and tear. The corresponding winding connected to the switchgear under the new circuit with the minimum of wear intensity. Connecting transformers in the new circuit on the basis of the algorithm inputs connecting it to the switchgear of the higher, the traction and district voltage substation.

Keywords: traction power supply system of railways AC 25 kV, power transformers, service life, deterioration of winding insulation, substation reconstruction.

Technological aspects of the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles

Ospanbekov B., Golubchik T., Sidorov K.

The article deals with the basic standards of electric charging. Describes the differences in standards, as well as the geography of their application. The largest companies that involved in the implementation of charging infrastructure and their products was revewed. In this paper shown control topology charging stations that installed in the parking areas. Different versions have been used in the charging station to be installed.

Keywords: infrastructure, electric vehicle, charging station, charging mode, standard, fast charging.

Simulation of the mechatronic system based on laser tracking system intended for navigational transit purposes

Deeva V., Ivoylov E., Slobodyan S., Cupin A.

High interference immunity due to precise directionality and monochromatic radiation is the important benefit of the optical, laser and LED systems. However, the predominant features of the optical and laser amplifiers, and today's optical emission source, lead to some trouble. For example, high intensity precise directional electromagnetic radiation is factored into the test program with the use of a portable high-precision system. The most significantly factor is that laser targeting is used for the detection and tracking of dynamic objects of any shapes. However, the moving objects are the short-term objectives or are positioned in the field of vision wider than the laser beam size. Also we investigate, using computational modeling and simulation, the potential of the kD-motion platform to expand the field of vision of the laser systems and we receive influence from other variables.

Keywords: simulation, efficiency, dynamic platform, model, estimation, rough guidance, laser, control, space, guidance system, tracking.

Development of the conceptual model of diagnostics of the ignition system of automobile electrical systems based on the intelligent information system

Petrovskiy S., Kozlovskiy V., Duspulov M.

The article describes development results of the conceptual model of diversion diagnostics in the operation of the ignition system of an automobile.

Keywords: quality, reliability, automobile, electrical system, ignition system, electromagnetic compatibility.